Destinations, Lake Tahoe

The Great Outdoors to the Great Indoors: AvantStay’s 47 Things to do in Lake Tahoe

When planning your escape from the day-to-day, sometimes you and a handful of your friends (or family) just want to land somewhere that’s both relaxing and exciting. And if that getaway just so happens to include a cobalt-blue lake glistening in the sun and a horizon lined with snow-capped mountains, well, that’s all the better. Lake Tahoe is that rare getaway locale that satisfies fans of the great outdoors and indoors alike. Whether you’re seeking thrills on the ski slopes or at the roulett
Destinations, Big Bear

AvantStay’s 43 Best Things To Do in Big Bear Lake for the Whole Family

Few things are more rejuvenating than a deep breath of pristine mountain air. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of fresh air, majestic mountains, or placid lake views in Big Bear Lake – nestled just 93 miles from Los Angeles. You and your group will have endless opportunities to explore the frontier – whether it’s on foot, mountain bike, kayak, or skis. Although Big Bear Lake is best known for its skiing, this outdoorsy oasis, tucked away in San Bernardino National Forest, holds year-round appea
Destinations, Park City

Shop, Ski, and See: 35 Best Things to do in Park City

You and your crew just might end up leaving Park City, Utah in better shape than you arrived. Aside from being a primo skiing and snowboarding hotspot, the city’s main street is an adventure in of itself given all the uphill climbs involved in visiting its vast retail shops, art galleries, restaurants, and bars. If walking uphill is a battle, just hop on the city’s free shuttle bus, available year-round, or grab your snowshoes and enjoy the workout. Another added bonus? There’s no reason to lea
Destinations, Temecula

22 Best Things To Do in Temecula

Temecula Valley is a popular day-trip destination for Southern California wine enthusiasts, but the area’s gentle rolling hills, lush greenery, and rich wine culture are better appreciated during a long weekend or extended getaway. There’s a lot to enjoy in this hidden Inland Empire gem, so round up your closest pals and discover everything Temucula has to offer. Award-winning, small-batch vintages from over 50 nearby wineries are waiting for you and your crew to sample them. Given SoCal’s year
Destinations, Breckenridge

Snow or Sun: AvantStay’s 40 Best Things To Do in Breckenridge

There’s no shortage of great ski resorts in Colorado. But if you and your friends are looking for a mountain escape where the vibe is easy-going and the nightlife is just as plentiful as the outdoor activities, look no further than Breckinridge. Tucked away in the snow-capped Rocky mountains, just 80 miles outside Denver, Breckinridge charms locals and tourists alike. This idyllic town holds a rustic appeal you won’t find in most ritzy destinations thanks to its storied history as a gold ru
Destinations, Scottsdale

Desert Destination: AvantStay’s 49 Things To Do in Scottsdale

No photograph will ever do a Sonoran desert sunset justice. It’s one of those things you have to experience in person to truly appreciate the rich spectrum of fiery corals, vibrant pinks, and deep purples reflected across the sandy Arizona landscape. And it shouldn’t be experienced alone. That’s why it’s best to gather your loved ones – the more the merrier – and delight in everything Scottsdale has to offer. Scottsdale’s picturesque appeal extends beyond its natural landscapes. Between the rus
Destinations, Malibu

Paradise on the Pacific: 33 Things to do in Malibu

Even among California’s  abundance of natural wonders and breathtaking landscapes, Malibu stands out. Just ask anyone who has taken a drive down the Pacific Coast Highway, preferably with the top down. Or, instead of taking someone else’s word for it, call your crew, pack your bathing suit, and take in the picturesque cliffs and pristine coastline from the passenger side of a vintage convertible yourself. Located just 30 miles west of Los Angeles, this idyllic beach community feels like it’s
Destinations, Palm Springs

AvantStay Picks: 33 Things to do in Palm Springs

Desert oasis. Party town. Festival hotspot. Tranquil sanctuary. Culinary destination. Palm Springs is all of these things and more. That’s why it’s an ideal destination when you and your crew need to press pause on the day-to-day and spend time recharging by the pool. And be sure to pack your sunscreen and a stylish pair of shades. Palm Springs is a mecca for sun worshippers or anyone longing to feel a few rays on their shoulders before tucking themselves away in a cabana with a colorful drink i