Beka Harmon

Beka Harmon

Beka Harmon is a professional writer based in Asheville, NC. She grew her passion for seeing the outdoors while living in North Carolina's Smoky Mountains and traveling through the West. When she's not traveling or hiking with her giant dog Buster, she likes to explore local shops in her area and connect with new friends in Asheville.


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Best Hikes Near Los Angeles, California

July 13, 2022

Urban “Angelenos” know that for every urban adventure you can find in Los Angeles, California, there is a trail that can get you away from the city. From Pasadena to Hollywood Hills to Malibu, there are plenty of great hikes to choose from whether you’re just visiting or already live in Southern California. With AvantStay, …


Top 10 Best Lake Tahoe Hiking Trails

June 23, 2022

Lake Tahoe is a dream to hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts. Out of the entire Sierra Nevada mountains, Lake Tahoe has always been a spectacularly heavenly region. Lake Tahoe is home to some of the US’s best skiing, water sports and hiking. North America’s largest mountain lake is home to hundreds of miles of hiking …

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